Behavior disorders: strategies and tips

Today, we hosted a workshop about behavior disorder in the emergency department for nurses. Although I was on the presenters panels, it was a great educating experience for me, I learned a lot. Here are a few stats to situate this problem in its context. Dementia affects about 25% of patient in their seventies, 50% …

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Dementia… a disease of losses

In the Emergency Department, caring for older adults is a challenge. Caring for demented older adults is also difficult but there point of view is probably even more traumatizing that we think. Imagine this scenario (not uncommon): 92 years old lady from home with caregiver, advanced dementia and she is refusing that we take her blood …

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Internationalization of Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Geriatric Emergency Medicine is of interest for every emergency department, in every country, in every setting (rural vs academic). I recently attended a conference in Brisbane called the Global Acute Care Excellence Forum preceded by the interRAI group meeting where I was invited as a guest. It was an incredible and rewarding experience. I had …

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