Urinary Tract Infections and Elderly

When I first started my medical education, I was told to always test for UTI in older adults with falls, delirium or any other vague complaints. I ended up treating a lot of positive urinanalysis. Then, the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance emerged and the rationalisation of antibiotic use was becoming the new standard of practice. …

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In the emergency department, we care more about acute disease. Anything with the word chronic makes us roll our eyes (mine included!). Dementia is part of those chronic degenerative issues. It is always interesting though to know more, and using the right terms in always in our advantages. Also, we all have older adults in …

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Disaster preparedness and elderly

When we talk about mass casualties event, code orange or disaster preparedness, emergency people automatically stops what they are doing and listen. (I do it!) It is rare events that nobody wishes to happen, but we have to be adequately prepared to respond. Every hospital has a book, a protocol and procedures and it is …

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