About Me

I am an emergency physician recently graduated from Université Laval. Being passionate about geriatric care, I am pursuing my training with a year long fellowship in geriatric emergency Medicine in Toronto. You will see in this blog reflections about what I learned this week in the geriatric field. Of course, it will be colored by my opinions and thoughts! I hope you will learn something from it as well! Enjoy!

G.E.M. – A sharing and caring community

I had a wonderful experience during this fellowship in geriatric emergency medicine. One thing that was striking the most is the human experience. You would not believe how much this community is kind, welcoming, and has this sense of sharing. Let me tell you a few stories to prove my point. First, it is a …

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Geriatric EDs: Designated space or not?

I recently visited three emergency departments that self declared senior-friendly environment (with very good reasons): Mount Sinai hospital and Presbyterian hospital in NYC and St-Joseph Healthcare in New Jersey. I met with these incredible ambassadors in geriatric emergency medicine: Dr Ula Hwang (MSH), Dr Michael Stern, Dr Tony Rosen and Dr Mary Mulcare (Presbytarian), Dr …

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Geriatric steering committee: THE crew!

Yesterday we hosted a team from Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington who are interested to start their own hospital geriatric-friendly. "We are at a transition point" they said. (I am sure many MANY hospitals are at this point!) We started the day by attending the meeting of the "Geriatric steering committee" of the hospital. Although …

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Internationalization of Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Geriatric Emergency Medicine is of interest for every emergency department, in every country, in every setting (rural vs academic). I recently attended a conference in Brisbane called the Global Acute Care Excellence Forum preceded by the interRAI group meeting where I was invited as a guest. It was an incredible and rewarding experience. I had …

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Palliative care in the ED

Palliative care in the ED. Two things that does not seem to be related and even counter-intuitive! In the ED, we save lives right?! Right! But not at all price. I did a presentation with a palliative care physician, Dr Russell Goldman from the Tammy Latner Center for Palliative Care about this topic and he taught …

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Senior-Friendly Emergency Department Course: A sharing experience

January 20th was an incredible day. Firs of all, it was sunny in Vancouver and I could see the mountains from my hotel room. But most importantly, I spent the day with a team of expert in geriatric emergency medicine and 140 motivated and eager health care professionals who wished to know and to do …

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